Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Does really self instict or "kutob" true? If that's so I think I am in trouble. I just don't understand why fate is very fond of playing my life. Weird and unexpected events came so inevitable. But I still thank fate that even though sometimes he throws me into deep hell, I always learn something. I am hoping that this time, in my current state, I can find the answers to all the questions I have been looking for.

Enough of my feelings. I just want to share with you my outfit yesterday. We had a brainstorming for a client at Jack's Loft in Tomas Morato near ABS-CBN.The temperature yesterday was uber hot! That's why I wore white polo to have at least a refreshing feeling. We ordered fishbowl iced tea to surpass the scourging heat. In the middle of our discussion, we were astonished to see the family of our country's vice-president Mr. Noli De Castro, coming from a far leading to Jack's Loft. They sat down beside our table and ordered food for their late lunch, as what I heard. They were so like normal, and they didn't even have a single bodyguard.

Sorry for the one picture here wherein I look mad, my officemate was teasing me at that moment kasi,:)

white polo- thrifted
black leggings- SM dept store
White sandals- divisoria
black bag-SM dept. store
purple ribbon belt- boutique

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