Thursday, March 25, 2010


Nothing special happened yesterday. We were not able to go ukay hunting because hubby was not in the mood to do so. So we both opted to go home.
Don't you notice anything new? I have an outdoor picture already of my outfit! Back then I used to take my photos inside my room, but hey I was able to bring it out! I hope this will continue everyday. I don't bring my camera with me because I am afraid I might lose it, and my bag is heavy enough to carry one more piece. So wonder who's camera is this? I just lend the camera our office without my boss's permission haha! He wouldn't know anyway!
So i'll end this entry with my outfit yesterday.

Gray blazer- thrifted
Acid-wash yellow top- random find
black legging- greenhills
brown lace-up shoes- random find
brown belt-divisoria
brown bracelet- gift

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  1. YOu look beautiful! I love the new pics outside!! radiant! LOVE IT!!!! I love the outfit too!


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