Friday, March 26, 2010


So this is what I wear yesterday (thursday) to office. I paired my plaid dress with my junky stockings, I just felt like wearing one. We were all nervous about the earthquake we slightly felt yesterday. I did not feel it, but my other officemate did. I thought he was just joking me, since he's been used to tease me every time, but I proved it was true when my mom texted me that the earthquake was exactly 6.5 magnitude. We were all afraid and I HOPE it will not repeat anymore. The best way to do in this kind of situation is to avoid panicking and of course...prayer.
Even though earthquake hit Manila, I still managed to pose for some outfit pictures.:)

By the way I passed by the near ukay-ukay shop in our house, and it was on sale so I decided to come-in and try my luck if I can find pretty dresses... and I did! whoa! I found two vintage dresses! I will take photos of them soon!

plaid dress- thirfted
black junk stockings- DIY
greeb ribbon necklace- DIY
black shoes- random find
black belt- sm dept store
black swarovski ring- quiapo

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  1. that outfit is definitely an earth shaker. Hype hype hype!


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