Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am going on some exams...exams of my life. I thought facing it will cause me to break...will cause me a lot of pain. But I said to myself, unless I face it... I will never know. And so it goes. that I took all the guts to face it. I never thought "what if I fail?" or "what if all my effort will be put to waste?" I scrap those questions off, and told's the fight that what matters most. If only I could share it here, I will, but as of the moment, I wanted to release what I feel inside... hey soul sister I wish you were here...

And so the birth of these of photos. I just put in behind my emotions, at the back of my poker face. I tried to smile and be happy for a while. I went out with my officemate again to take some photos of my outfit yesterday. We saw this antique house in New Manila but the guard stopped us. So we opted to pursuit the shoot beside the street. Oh well!

Before I end this anyone who will read this, I am asking for your help to add me to your prayer list. So that I can pass the exams of my life!Thanks a lot!:)

navy blue dress-thrifted
blak leggings-divisoria
brown shoes-divisoria
navy blue blazer-thrifted
broewn belt-divisoria


  1. you will pass! you can do it!
    love the outfit! blazer me want!

  2. LOVE this outfit Denise! As well as the one below with the plaid dress. You are just so cute. (:

    Anyway I get my vintage oxfords on eBay! But I know some local sellers design their own.. Renegade Folk carries them, I think. Check Multiply, or drop by one of them Rockwell bazaars.

    Oh and, good luck with whatever it is you are going through. You can do it!


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