Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Since it's holy week, and our bosses are not here anymore (because they're in a vacation mode already) we, their employees are in vacation mode also. I am so out of this world and felt like going home and sleep and be with my baby! ugh! NO WORK MODE FOR ME! So I went out with my other officemate last monday, on our lunch break, to have some photo shoot of our outfits for that day.

I wore the plaid dress I posted before, the one I bought from Quiapo ukay-ukay store. I paired it with my belt, my flat shoes, and my handmade necklace/headband. The whole day they were teasing me as a korean student girl, Shanchai, or those girl students in anime shows with bangs,long hair, and in school uniform. They said I looked like a kid. hehehe. But for me I looke like Alice in wonderland: The lost and found. hahaha!Enjoy!

gingham dress- thrifted
black belt-SM Dept store
Black shoes- SM dept store
Flower necklace/headband- handmade

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