Monday, March 29, 2010

UKAY FEATURE #1 Florals and Plaid

My hobby and I wet to Quiapo to buy stuffs for my online store. A lot of people were there because of Palm Sunday. As soon as I finished my "buying thing" we headed to the ukay-ukay stores to look for dresses! Luckily I found three items at a sale price! I haven't got any picture if them coz they're now on laundry. But I have here the previous ukay items I got last week when I passed by the ukay store near our house.

Preppy and classic but I need to sew 3 buttons

My plaid dress! So cute and I love the details too!

Next week I'll post here the Quiapo ukay-ukay items we bought! Enjoy!


  1. the plaid dress is really cute. ilive and breathe ukay.i love thrifting to bits too.:)

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog btw.:)


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