Friday, January 22, 2010


They say that every girl’s crowning glory is HAIR. A well-fixed hair, shiny hair, and most of all soft hair validates what is said to be a “crowning glory”. But I was amazed when I saw these two surreal deigns of wigs by a known designer, Charlie Le Mindu. His designs were humongous wigs made out of clay, Styrofoam, and human hair, formed to make those big wig pieces. (

Tadda! Presenting the BIG WIGS! Oh I like the wig shaped in lips so lovely!

Would you believe that even horse hair can be woven into a bag? Oh, not just a bag, but super expensive bag. This luxury horsehair bag was made by the renowned Swiss fashion house Akris. They call this marvelous masterpiece, The Ai Bag, which is their newest line of bags.

According to Tmagazine, horse hair is a known material for Akris, it has been used to structure its coats, and there is even woven horsehair covering the walls of its London boutique. (

Curious about how the Ai Bag looks and feel like? Bring it home for $3,990 at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Akris boutiques. But as of the moment, have a glimpse of it here.

How I wish I own this bag. =)

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