Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The start of 2010 for me is super surreal and unexpected. I thought that this year won't be my year
for the last time I went to (I forgot the place but I think Binondo) have a feng-shui prediction for 2010, the chinese
man told to me that 2010 will not be a lucky year for me. just so-so in short. Well he advised me to buy several figurines
and put the others on my office table, and the rest inside my house...well for good luck! But I think my faith is within God's hands
and within my limited control.
I can say that my year started right, I am more productive at work this year than the other. M y very first collection for my online store for 2010 is almost SOLD-OUT on the first day upon I uploaded them yesterday, even without promotion!(would you believe that?) I thank God for all of these. Everyday I am looking forward to inspire more people, and to have them see my capabilities, and hope that one day, I will be known in my own craft.
I just wish that this whole year will turn out good and happy, for me and to my loved ones!
Below is the picture of myself yesterday wearing the ukay polo dress I bought last week and the bib necklace I sell on my online store! Sorry for not having a full body picture! I have no photographer to do my pictorials, hehe it's only me and my ever loyal camera and tripod!

By the way, another new year's resolution this year is avoid BEING LATE! and to capture my everyday outfits!LET'S START THE YEAR RIGHT, HAPPY, AND FULL OF DREAMS!


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