Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last Januray 29, 2010 was a very special day for me and my bebe koh! We just turned 4 years old together! We spent the whole night eating, window shopping (hehe we were both in control not to shop that time :) ) and singing at a ktv.

We ate at aristocrat in SM Manila, yummy!yummy! I ordered clam chowder soup for starters, half chicken honey and sizzling gambas for the main course, and iced tea for dessert?(well diet!just took one dish for drinks and dessert haha!) He ordered half spaeribs and two java rice. Yum!

After pigging-out at Aristocrat, we wen to a ktv and bought ten tokens! I am so excited to sing since the last time we do this was when I was still in college (if my memory serves me right hehe). M y tummy is so full that I have to put-off my waist belt to breath a little. hehe And so we went off to sing... here's our crazy pix inside the china room!

His shirt is a gift from mine from F &H. And here's my outfit too!


  1. bohzo (hello)

    Greetings from Michigan. Very nice blog, good job.

    Megwitch (Thank You) for sharing.


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