Sunday, December 20, 2015

Let It Through My Grasps

Hello!!! I really miss blogging! But I promise to keep up before the year ends. And I also promise to be back in daily blogging once again. I just had to give business and Marise, a lil more focus. 2016 will be a bit tougher but I know for sure I can always juggle a thing or four haha! 

how are you? I am just so happy that I still get to meet random people in bazaars who approaches me, and sometimes shop in my booth, and make chika, letting me know they read my blog. you guys power me up to continue!!! I swear I really missed my old self. I promise to be back and that will be the sweetest comeback ever! :) 

Hope to see you tomorrow December 21-23 at Simone's Closet's booth for the KATIPUNAN WEEKEND MARKET in UP Town Center! Hope to see you there guys! We are going north this time, so hope to meet new clients/friends!! :)

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