Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fly Away

 Hi everyone how are you doing? The past days for me went pretty fast and furious haha! A lot of downs but my weeks been ending with ups. This kinda mean we can't have it all in life. There comes in the choices we have to choose, the decisions we have to make, and the priorities we have to set. We are just humans we cannot do everything we wanna do all at once. We live to have life, but sometimes with what we are doing, we forget why we live, and we somehow forget to make a life. 

I'd like to share this song from JOJO. exactly my thoughts right now. :)

moving on, this post is so special to me because I am wearing a boho pants from Simone's Closet's summer collection! we are just so excited to launch everything! I swear I wanna wear this pants all day long! super comfy and no need to iron it haha! 

just a reminder, Simone's Closet has new facebook accounts now. you may add/like/follow us here:

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