Friday, January 16, 2015

Feel So Loved

Hello guys! Been on a hibernate mode for a few days already since I was kind of like, to be forced to go offline.well for the reason that, here in Manila area, the signal of cellular networks, even internet too, was shut down for Pope Francis' safety. Well it was a good move because I was able to enjoy the slow pace, the quiet life, and I was able to reflect on several things. 

I just realized that you get to meet people God has sent to you for you to be able to realize and appreciate things. Things that are puzzling you for some time, or things you hardly believe. I feel so loved that I am surrounded by a handful of true people loving me for who I am. I feel so thankful that God has sent me people who are a reminder of how life should be, when mine's go a bit crazy and complicated. I just feel so loved right now that all I could ever do is smile. :) A lil wee bit of pause is just so refreshing and light on the feeling! :) 

how are you doing? :)

PS: if you are a follower of my IG account, then all of you know  that Simone's Closet is now in Robinsons Galleria! Feel free to drop by on our store inside Charmed Life Accessories in 50TH AVENUE 3rd Flr Robinsons Galleria! :) Will share a blog post about it! such a wonderful early blessing for 2015! :)

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