Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just Me and Hue

 I just love the fact that people notice me as the "boho queen" on my own. It's always a rewarding feeling when people get notice you for who you are, and does not even require you at all to push so hard just to be recognized. True beauty need not to be pushed because it gets attention even without asking for it. 

This 2015, I am more ready to welcome with wide arms, all the blessings waiting for me. I am more eager to achieve goals I have set for the year. I can't wait to do em all with the loving people around me. I am just excited for Simone's Closet and all the great things I have set for my business and career. I just wish that everything settles down as God planned it for me. I can't wait for 2015! More time to blog, more OOTD posts, more surprises for Simone's Closet, and a bigger happier year for me and my family! :)

dress, cape, tassel belt- SIMONE'S CLOSET
sandals- Shoeology 

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