Friday, November 28, 2014

Tough Chic

 This entry has got to be the toughest one I did! Imagine I parked my car on a secondary road where most cars passed by, went down, and did my blogger poses as my mama clicks the camera. haha! I swear I got all the stares and the cars slow down as I was doing this. I mean for me this is a normal thing to do, but for others this is like craaazzzzy ahaahaha! But instead of being shy, and because I am already dressed-up I have to pull myself together and finish the shoot! yay to me and my mama we are such a great team!

By the way, I am loving this WANDERLUST cape/top from Simone's Closet. I have worn this several times already on my IG, but it's only now that I got the chance to show it on an ootd post. It can be worn as plain cover-up or button it up and wear it as a top just like what I did! I swear I will be wearing more of this so I can show you possible ways to style our WANDERLUST cape/top!

Hope you can drop by Simone's Closet tomorrow for our new uploads! you can shop this one and more more boho clothes! :)

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  1. loooove this ensemble. :) mejo nakakahiya na nakakainis talaga if you're taking photos for your blog tapos yung mga tao titingin-tingin. like i wanna say, "please don't mind me. ignore me. pleeeasseee!" hahaha :)

    xoxo, rae


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