Monday, October 13, 2014

Through The Golden Light

With the weird weather we are currently experiencing, it's quite a challenge to see the sun. And as a boho gal like me, the sunlight completes my ootd photos. And just a week ago, I was so lucky to experience the "golden hour" as most bloggers say. This is an hour around 4:30pm-5:30pm where the sun is about to set, and all its rays cast upon earth, creating that golden yellow soft sunlight. And I tell you, you would enjoy having your photos taken under the gold rays! I swear I always feel majestic when I see my photos with glare. 

By the way, the cape I am wearing on the photos is a new piece coming out next week at Simone's Closet! :) We'll be releasing the look book album and the entire collection next weekend! :) 

cape-Simone's Closet
shorts- DIY
sandals - Landmark
bag- Pink Label

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