Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tough Girl

The unexpected rain showers lead me to dress this way. You know I am a full-pledged boho gal, and wearing something as edgy as this is really new. but I love it nonetheless! haha! Ever since I bought this pair of boots, I know I'll be abusing it hahaha! good thing the slightly cold weather pave the way for me to wear 'boots! How do you find the outfit? :) 

My life lately revolves around Marise, work, and business that sometimes kept me over thinking of how my future will go. Minsan talaga habang nagkakaedad lalo kang napepressure sa life. ahhaha! You know the feeling wherein you like to do almost everything. As in hot na hot kang gawin whatever it is that you think about that will help shape your future. getss?? :) Ah basta nakakalito! Sometimes I am wondering if I am 40 already, para mapressure ako sa life hahaha! :) Perhaps I need a bottle or two to shake my stress away!!!:) hahaha!

boots- Landmark
bag-Abby Jocson

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