Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tropical Life

Lately, my body is experiencing a major change, in which I do not know where it's coming. My May has been a pretty big surprising for me, as I engaged myself on activities I don't usually do. I took a major jump, a leap of faith as a part of rebuilding myself. I tried going to the gym, and I started my driving lessons. Both of which are huge change for me. I am a total girl, and never did I do such physical activities t hat requires full energy. That I assume is the reason why for 2 weeks now, I can't eat no matter what food is on my plate. Like seriously, nakakapanibago. I eat a lot, my friends know that. And according to my mom, and other people who has seen me in a couple of days, I shed pounds already. I don't know if I'll be happy or sad. hehe. What I am worried is that, no nutrients enter my body. Oh well! I hope I could adjust the soonest.

Moving on to the outfit, I thought I already posted my last ootd on the beach, but when I checked my memory card, I saw these set of photos waiting to be uploaded haha! That dress is just so breezy, not to mention, its refreshing tropical colors. I miss dressing like this, for weeks now, I always in my shirt,pants,rubber shoes looks! hahaha! :)  

dress- random brand
boho crown-Simone's Closet

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