Thursday, June 12, 2014

Box and Glass

Today's a holiday, and the mood is kinda gloomy due to the rainy weather. I wanted to go out with friends, but I don't know where they are? haha! I hate it when the day is gloomy. My mood follows with the lifeless, sleepy ambiance, and I hate it. I'd rather be stuck in sunshiny summer day, than a rainy one. :) And to lighten up my mood, I brought out 2 of the crafting pieces I saw on my latest trip to Divisoria, a craft box, and a glass vial. I have been meaning to spot a box like this, that will serve as a packaging for Simone's Closet's bracelets. Luckily, I have found one! yay! Meanwhile, that vial with a cork topper, is just so summer-y. Finally, I have a container to fill with the white sand I got from the beach ahaha! :)

How's your holiday so far? :) Me? I am so bored :( I hope to sun comes out tomorrow!

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  1. these are cute! I am soo into crafts too. And I hate lazy days! haha


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