Sunday, February 23, 2014

Macky's at Marikina City

I remember a movie saying, " a starfish when get hurt, or suddenly get wounded, it needs to get home, to be able to heal." Like  a starfish, I suddenly felt the need to get home. Though I have a home, a happy one with my family, still in this time that I feel alone and hurting, I always remember Marikina, as my next home. A place where, I can bring back good memories. 

We lived there for 5 or 6 years back when I was still in high school. We had the simplest, but the happiest life a family could have. I met friends,  and different people, who have contributed and have given me the best teenage moments! I suddenly missed the place after moving in on our current house here in Manila. I have always remembered Marikina as my "happy nest". All the good memories are there, the nicest people, the nicest places to see, the cleanest streets, and the yummiest restaurants. 

And so just to fill the gap in my heart, I knew I have to be back there even for just a couple of hours. I invited my ze family to come with me, and spent our afternoon, reminiscing, walking down the streets, and of course eating at Macky's! I f you have been there and have eaten their goto, and tokwa't baboy, sure you'll know how super duper yummy their food is! Great comfort food for the win! Just what I needed! hahaha! After hours of revisiting Marikina, I was back in hoping again, that one day, I will be happy again like I used to be. :)

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