Friday, February 14, 2014

By The River Piedra...

 I have always loved that novel of Paulo Coelho. I have since loved it even if I haven't even a chance to read it. I just know from the title and from the famous quotes I have seen online, that it is good, really good, and I was not wrong.  I never imagined I would somehow mimic it. 

It is a story  of waiting, a novel of forgiveness, and a deep vast narration of how life and how to live in love is. Today is Valentine's day, and despite me of being single today, I couldn't say I am " loveless" as most claim, referring to not having a boyfriend or someone to spend "cheesiness" with today. Love is always in the air, in the forms of many things. No human is loveless unless his soul left his body.

Today, I am happy to realize that love is not just between two people, but love is everywhere, on anything, and everything. I may not be having a "cheesy partner" to celebrate V-day, I still have my friends, family, and most especially my Marise to be with me today! 

To all of you reading my blog, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and cheers to love and not hatred, peace and not war! :) 

top- Bench
skirt- Undernourished Manila
heels- Trunkshow
floral crown- c/o Julie Ann

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