Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's In My Bag?

I am a one-bag-of-the-moment lady. Meaning, I do not change my bag until I felt the need to. I don't change bag depending on my outfit or just to match it on my outfit. I am pretty confident about my whole look being mismatched. I just love the thrill of it. :) Hence, whenever I buy bag, I always have these three requirements:

- The bag should be roomy
-The bag should be Made In The Philippines
-The Bag should have a versatile look and color

And so, that blue Parisian bag above is my current bag that I've been using and abusing lately. And it just so happen that the purses inside of it are color blue too! What a coincidence right? haha!

Anyways, what's in my bag? 

1. Make- up kit
2. Basic Make-up essentials : compact, lipstick, and my Clinique Happy scent
3.Gadget purse containing my other cellphone, 2 USB, charger, earphones
4. handmade purse by LOVENIKITA containing my C3 phone
5. wallet
6. coin purse
7. medicine pouch (yeah I have important meds for my migraine, and ulcer) haha

I am actually inspired to do this post because of this...

Nice giveaway isn't it? :) If this post is valid as an entry, then I'll join. waahh I hope I win! SUY Bags is one of my favorite local brands of bags :) If I win, then I'd be in bag haven haha! :)

Visit SUY BAG on instagram: @SUYPH  for more information 


  1. Good luck! Hope you win!:) nice bag!

  2. Nice bag! :) I also love Parisian bags because they're fashionable and inexpensive. Hehe. Maybe I could post an entry, too. LOL. See you again next time!! :*

    xx Dianne


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