Friday, January 10, 2014

Dress-up Diaries

This is how I look like on my random visit to check our crafting camp, well on normal days, I am basically on my tee and shorts combo. In reality, a fashion blogger like me is not always dressed to the nines as most people think. Truly, bloggers also have that "day-off"  and sack in ourselves on just random comfy pieces. In short, di naman everyday aura haha! :) In reality also, a blogger who lives a normal life, compared to high-profiled bloggers, dressing-up entails a lot of considerations like, the occasion, the weather, the commuting process, and more. So dressing-up just exactly what you imagine, say a circle dress, layered with sweater, layered over with a wide belt, stockings, and caged boots- sa totoong life lalo na here sa Pilipinas, you cannot wear it as that pagkalabas ng house unless you have a car to ride to anywhere you wanna be. And I guess this chaos, beautiful chaos defines my style. Makes dressing-up challenging and more exciting. I dress-up as dictated by my life- with what I do, and with what I feel for the day. I dress-up for the moment and for myself, and not to impress others.:)

top- random brand
shorts- DIY
necklace -Simone's Closet

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  1. love the sandals!:) your accessories forever standout! still trying to find the perfect outfit for the latest one you gave me!<3


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