Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Crafter

Heyya guys! Despite of me having my own ups and downs recently, and despite of me not feeling well, I am still choosing to be positive. And to keep me motivated I decided to show you some of the photos my assistant took, on how my day usually go on our normal production days at the Simone's Closet crafting camp. 

We work on our house's garage, under the caramel sunshine. I love the sun so much that it keeps me inspired to do more, hence I brought the entire crafting station outside so as my workers would be motivated to craft more. In the afternoon, I check all our prototypes or samples of our products. Decide on colors, and do certain adjustments. And whenever I have time, I try to fit our products, try on our prototype necklaces just to test the quality of the products. Yeah I am that strict hahaha! and OC!

Below are the prototypes of the new accessories coming on our Summer Collection!!! :)


How do you find our prototypes? :) I hope you love them!!! :) Can't wait to finish assembling our Summer 2014 collection so we could finish them before summer begins!!! :)

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