Friday, December 6, 2013

Boho Holiday

Proud to share with you guys, Simone's Closet's holiday gift sets! :) We will be launching the sets next week Saturday along with our new maxi dress  and maxi skirts. :) In as much as I wanted to upload them now I just can't haha! I am not yet done taking pictures of the catalog! hopefully by next week I will be able to finish! Walang tulugan sa Simone's Closet head quarters ahahah! 

On another news, I am having a Christmas giveaway on our IG page: @simonesfashioncloset If you got some time, please feel free to join!!!:) 

I ama go back to work now! I need to sleep early (duh late na!) for tomorrow's divisoria day!!!:) hahaha! #businesserrands :)

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