Thursday, November 7, 2013

Festival Of Music

if there's one thing that I've learned all throughout my 25 years of existence, that is to seize every moment. What may be happening now won't be repeated on the next or the days to come. you have to seize it while it lasts. 

Weeks ago when Marise had her very first FESTIVAL OF MUSIC, a school activity wherein they are grouped per class to perform a dance number. This is a milestone for her and I am such a proud momma!

I know she wouldn't be forever 5 years old, that is why I really wanted to be there on the festival no matter how busy I am! I was able to squeeze in not only time for the Music Festival but also a time, to be with her on the general practice!

meet Ysabella, Marise's best friend

It makes me happy and proud to see Marise being praised and being liked by people simply because of her bubbly personality. She is a total package of awesome I tell you! :) And because I want to surprise Marise on the day of the music festival, I volunteered to dance too along with the other parents! yay! I am no dancer but because I want to seize the moment and I know doing so will make Marise happy,  I know it will be worth doing. :) 

I was not able to take lots of still photos of Marise's dance number, as well as the parents dance number, but you can watch the videos instead. ang hirap magupload ng video here so tagal, but you can just view the videos, the school of marise uploaded already. Marise is wearing a black and white striped leggings and white bonnet,try to spot to her, sure you won't miss her, sya pinakamakembot jan haha!

Marise dances WHAT I AM
Marise dances SHOUT FOR JOY

and if you want to see me and ze hubby dance, hahaha, you can watch the video below:

PARENTS' dance number 1
PARENTS' dance number 2

I hope you were able to visit the link and watch the video! Matutuwa kayo for sure! Don't judge my dancing skills hahaha! 
represent! Wearing Simone's Closet cobweb necklace! :) In times like this, be a walking ad of your brand haha!
Remember my instagram post about a DIY project on my black shirt? This is where I used my foil-printed shirt! I just made my own statement tee with the use of some old foil, fabric glue and a plain black shirt! Nice the effect right? kitang kita from afar! :)

After the number, we had some photo ops with some close friends! :)
Marise and her Teacher Karen :)

It was such an enjoying day indeed kahit na after kong sumayaw sumakit legs ko at hiyang hiya ako hahaha! I never danced again like that! Huling sayaw ko College days pa haha! :) Imagine that?!!! hahaha! 

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see more pictures, you can view it here. 

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