Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bazaar For All Season : November 9-10, 2013

BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON: Yuletide edition
This may be too late but I cannot let this day pass without this post up on ze blog haha! 
If you wanna know more about the happenings about this event, read on further!

I have been a concessionaire of Bazaar For All Season for quite some time already, and it always feel so special, and positive whenever I am there. Perhaps it's because I get to share 2 days of selling with my co-bloggers, and I get to bond with my blog readers too!

We set-up around 9am, 2 hours before the gates open to the shoppers. I have lots of stuff to prepare and despite the pagod and stress I am still happy because I met lovely people on that day!

Met these two pretty girls, who are both a follower of Simone's Closet. They were the early birds who approached my booth, and imagine they went all the way from work pa! Super touched ako! :) I forgot their names but I won't forget the short time I was with them :)

We launched our very own bohemian maxi dresses on the bazaar, and I tell you it was a success! :) thanks for all those who bought these beauties!!!:)

Then I get to have a photo with these two beauties. And was surprised to know they have been following my crafting escapades all throughout I began designing accessories. It makes me happy and proud that they adore the pieces we sell! :) thank you girls for dropping by and for shopping our stuff! :)

Meet the mom and daughter duo, who are both my loyal clients, and whenever they see my booth, they never fail to get a piece or two! :) Thank you so much and I can't wait to see both again! :)

Kahit na busy kame, finally we were able to snap a picture with my boothmate/blogger friend, Julie of PINK FASHION SHOP . It's our first to share a booth, and I really enjoyed 2 days with her! :) 

With Julie's daughter, and cousin, parehong beauties!!!:)

Picture with my girls :)

happy to see you again Kelly mi loves!!!:) You're so payat na :) 

My friend, Jaqui who visited us too, laging full support ever!!! thank you so much baks, along with Pauline (her daughter), and Julie!

DAY 2 outfit! :)

with the girls and their bohemian crowns!!!:)

 early shoppers! :) sarap sa feeling when you see people on your booth! :)

Afternoon came, and all the bloggers raided outside for some OOTD sessions! haha

Julie's turn.Mahaba ang pila haha! si Bella ang photographer :) haha!

Bella in action, nuks! If you want amazing set of OOTD photos, go check on Bella's group THE CREATIVE PEOPLE, they were the ones responsible for the beautiful photos of the FREE SPIRIT look book album we launched a month ago! :) 

with my Bella labs!!!:)

photo bomb, haha hello ate :)

with Ann, a new found friend!!! thanks Bella for introducing me to her :)

my favorite couple, the owners of SWEET & SAVVY CLOTHING, Marl, and her husband! We always see each other on bazaars. Mario and I found a friend in them :)  see you again guys :)

a picture with Kat Valdez before going home! :) 

last minute shoppers! :) 

thank you so much for all the people I met on my two-day stay at BFAS! :) I have tons of pics to share so you might as well have a look on them with yourself here. :)

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  1. gaganda din ng pictures natin d2, i-grab ko ung iba! late post ka rin pala, haha!

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