Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Whenever I feel stressed or if I just want to relax, I eat it out, BUT in moderation! haha! That I guess is my secret why I still have the same weight for 5 years already! Well, in as much I want to trim down some more fats, I can't resist the urge to eat haha! Anyway, I feel sexy and I know it,and I feel confident about myself already so there's no need to die out of hunger, and hardcore workouts :)

And so, weeks ago, I gave in to my cravings! I want to eat something delicious and it just so happen to pass by Vanilla Cupcake Bakery!  I am a die-hard bohemian, but its dainty feel just caught my attention, who wouldn't be anyway?? :) Plus cupcakes there are really to die for! :) I brought with me my mom and Marise, and they both enjoyed the whole dining experience! All throughout Marise was just staring at the cupcakes in the shelves! she wants to eat all of them haha! 

What we had for lunch:
- Beef Tapa
- Creamy Tuna Carbonara
-Country Breakfast
-Banana Nutella cupcake
-Belgian Chocolate Cupcake
-Cappuccino Cupcake

And I definitely love their strawberry iced tea!!! I am so totally madly inlove with the Cath Kidston florals all over their walls and utensils!!! :) 

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