Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Simone's Closet @ UKG

Weeks ago I had a tv shoot for a sky cable channel airing on October 8, and never in my mind I'd cross again another one! This time it's for a morning show in ABS-CBN, Umagang Kay Ganda. Thank God that when this opportunity was offered to me,I am completely ready with my set-up. Perhaps, this is the reason why I have been obsessed in designing accessories racks on the past few weeks haha! The interview went quickly, but I was a bit uncomfy unlike on the sky cable feature, I really hate that light flashing on face! I swear it's so freakin hot haha! That's why the entire time I am not quite comfortable, feel na feel ko lang ang pawis ko ahaha!But anyways, please don't judge when you watch it tomorrow okay? haha! I know it will be great for sure! :) 

The airing is moved Tuesday next week guys!!! :) 

Cheers to another sweet milestone for Simone's Closet!!! :)

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