Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Just after all the stresses I've been through, I just want a day to relax, to stroll, to eat, and just do whatever I like- and so I did a week ago. I invited my mom and Marise to be with me. I know mom is stressed too just like me, with all the chores she needs to do -so she deserves to relax too. We went to our shop first, fixed our displays, then went straight ahead to SM MOA. I just need some fresh air ( though not at all haha)  smell of the sea, and some sunlight. Such a perfect afternoon. Then I saw this pretty ticket booth in red and white pinstripes. I just knew it will be a great background and so I posed! haha! I actually missed wearing that trousers! Good to be reunited with it again! :)

top- Bench
sandals- Forever 21
necklace-Simone's Closet

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  1. We have the same shirt! Hahaha! That staple white shirt + the cobweb necklaces from you is my favorite relaxed look too hehe. Super love what you're wearing here! :) -- eeay


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