Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Lot Like Fall

Aside from my summery colorful, hippie, bohemian outfits, I've always been in love with layered outfits perfect for fall/winter seasons. In as much as I love maxi skirts, I also love tights and leggings, I am obsessed with furs, and gray and black shades. When I was still a copywriter in an ad agency, I was always dressed in tights and black hues for no reason haha! But you know it gave me more energy and creative juice to think! Weird right?! haha! It has been a while since I wore a black-hued outfit, and it always remind me of my dream to walk in New York City while snow starts to fall. :) 
And just because we don't have fall/winter season here in the Philippines, I just had this outfit worn one rainy day! :) 

fur top- thrifted
fedora hat- SM
leggings- gift
bag-SM Parisian

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