Thursday, September 19, 2013

Simone's Closet TV Feature

It has been a year since I did the 7-- CLUB ASIA tv feature and taped studio interview. After that, a lot of opportunities came and  I never expect to land again another TV feature! This time, I tackle more about my passion about crafting, about Simone's Closet and my products! For 5 years in the business,it never got to me that I am this "big" as many people say to me. I don't see myself that way yet for I know I have tons of things to do before I can make it big! I guess the reason why people say that is because, I just really love what I am doing. And like I always say, when you love something, or what you are doing, it will always show. And I guess it showed on me that's why they noticed it :) This time the TV interview went smoothly than on my first. I have assistants to help me  in my set-up, I became more natural on the whole time of the of interview. There was nervousness but I enjoyed it very well! 

Thank you so much Mackie of Sunshine TV, channel 13 on Sky Cable for believing in me! I can't wait to see myself again on TV! Catch the airing on October 8 (still tentative) 10pm at Sky Cable channel 13! :) 


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