Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Totem Pole

I've always loved bohemian style. It's free spirit, carefree vibes and totally just being you. You can mix and match almost anything, but still ends up with that boho feel! You can look totally fashionable without looking trying hard. Effortlessly fashionable and comfortable in short It's like living in a tribe, with browns and tawny shades. Fringes, and aztec prints, braids, and feathers, and dream catchers. It's like when I go boho, I feel like I am dressing like Pocahontas! haha!

Anyway on to the outfit, I went on my bohemian look again last Friday when we went to Manila Ocean Park for Marise's birthday celebration. I wanted to stay  comfy yet fashionable and the only thing appropriate for the occasion, I think is a dress. Thank God for scoring this dress on a thrift store. It's such a perfect find! I added a beaded necklace to complete the boho feel! I totally love how it compliments my outfit! I really can feel I am part of a tribe ahaha! 

Thanks to my good friend, Jaqui of FABCHIC SHOP for sending this necklace! Super love it to bits!!! :) Go check out her awesome boutique online and snag great boho pieces like the one I am wearing!!! 

Lastly, I hope you won't forget my bazaar this weekend...


  1. I love how you spiced up the look with the necklace my dear. More power! :) :) thanks so much!

  2. Ang ganda ng dress! Bagay na bagay sa bag and sandals! :)

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