Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pixie Hippie Birthday

I've always been a hands-on mom with Marise's every activity, supporting her all the way whether it'd be in school or just some things she just likes to do. And one of the things I won't ever ever slip away, is her birthday. I want it to be memorable, unique, and something that the guests won't forget. But since we are not doing it outside and in what I truly imagined it to be, we just decided to trim down the ideas to make it work for a classroom birthday celebration. We thought it would be nicer to do it inside her classroom together with her teachers and classmates.

Good thing about celebrating her birthday in school is that, they are 5 kids having their birthdays spent on the same date (August 8, 2009) The planning with co-parents is fin because you get to meet new friends, and not to mention, costs would be much more practical since we have our own assignments to bring on the party date.

Moving on, birthday loot bags is a must for me whenever Marise has a party. Her invitations, loot bags, and other party needs are all in a Pixie-hippie theme! It's like fairies-meets-hippie-ladies theme! I am excited to finish the loot bags filled with educational stuffs plus my very own handmade accessories for kids! The braided head crown above is one of the few stuffs I will be giving away to her classmates! I am excited to share the details with you !

I am back to crafting again! Do not forget to visit the GOSSIP GIRLS ALBUM in case you are in the mood to do online shopping. Plus do not forget to join my HIPPIE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Aww. She looked like she did have fun! Cute loot bags too!
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