Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blue Me Away

 Don't you find it annoying and frustrating when you don't do what you like or what you plan to do? True it is, that's how I am at times. That's why no matter how busy I am I try to squeeze in quality time for things I plan to do like:

-renovate the room
-renovate my craft space
-clean my shoe rack and shoes
-organize my closet
-build cabinets for clothes
-clean the room screens

things like those. See? I work at home but I can't do  them all ha! The irony of it phew! Anyways, I found a way to remedy this. I have to do them every weekends. I have to slash at least 4 things from the list until I get them all done haha! I need to before the year ends. I have like 3 major lists of to-do's and I am cramming already to fulfill them! Waah! Can you cheer me guys? I can do this think so? haha! 

Anyway enough of my long rant, so that outfit is what I wore weeks ago. Just one of the outfits I wore when I fetch Marise from school. It's kinda hard to dress-up everyday. COnsidering that I should wear something mommy-like yet fashionable yet toned-down and not too flashy. Ya know what I mean? it's like make up-with-no-make-up look, or fashionable-but-not-too-obvious look! In short, yung mga keribels na outfitey lang tipong model-off duty looks nuks! haha!

Oh the life of a working mommy! hahaha! :)

dress- thrifted

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