Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another 365 and a half days

For my birthday last Tuesday, I opted to celebrate it through simple lunch and dinner at home, then I went out with Marise and hubby in the afternoon (After Marise's class) for some movie date! We watched WORLD WAR Z as some of you know, I am a big fan of zombies haha! Good thing Marise is brave already to watch these kind of movies. I swear ako pa nagsisigaw sa gulat kesa sa kanya haha!  I wore something very comfortable and easy to move around since the whole day I am moving around: school meetings, I brought and fetched Marise to school, run after Marise while inside the mall. I had barely a time to wear a necklace haha! I felt my outfit was so simple and plain, but nonetheless my birthday was such a fun day!

Marise don't like to pose for the camera on that day so that explains why her face in those 3 photos are weird like that hahahaha! 

A BIG BIG THANKS TO ALL THE BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!!! Super appreciated them all!!!:) Don't ask my age haahha! but on the other note, can you guess how old I am? :) hahaha!

top- Bench
dress as skirt- random brand
sandals- Solemate
M ring- gift from hubby

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