Monday, June 3, 2013

Real-time Update: Business MInded

Okay so you know how I am such a busy bee during weekends that I almost forget to rest. I always try to squeeze in a bit of business planning while I bond with my family. I guess it's just normal for a businesswoman/or businessman for that matter, to never stop. haha!

Anyways, here are some snapshots of the things I did for the last week!

I had an outdoor lookbook shoot with my friends in UP Diliman. Such a very exhausting day but nevertheless fun!
trying out the lakad pose haha
studying our pegs for poses :)
a finale pose which we all love!!! 
had lunch at Ramen X Trinoma then they handed me a box of sweet treats from J.Co donuts! :)

SATURDAY. Failed to go to Bloggers United 5 but congratulations to the BU team for yet another successful one!!!:) I was not able to go there because no one can come with me. So I just decided to treat the family out for a lunch at our fave resto in Roces, Avenue, MAX'S Restaurant!

Then off we go to the main branch of PAPEMELROTI for some inspiration pegs and some little gifts for occasions I will be attending on the days to come.
and finally went out with these fierce metallic sandals! An outfit post soon alright? :)

And of course, spending almost the rest of the week with this lovely couple, Bella and Kevin. Hubby and I found a bazaar partner so it means more days, and meetings for us four in preparation for our bazaar escapades! Actually, I will be going out in a few to meet Bella for a meeting! :) 

I'll see you soon with more blog posts, updates, and outfit photos alright? 
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  1. i love J.CO donuts!:))


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