Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bayong Bag

I was born to dress-up. To wear fashionable clothes, declare my own style. One of which I can't live without in my fashion style are bags. And I have to admit I am pretty obsessed with big sturdy bags and I collect them actually. This made me think to share them to you here. haha! Moving on, the collection grew bigger but it only started when I was during my high school days. Unluckily, I gave the bags, all of them to different people (whom I unfortunately can't remember anymore) after we transferred different homes on that time. Now that I have a pretty valid reason to spend collect bags (well I earn my own money now and need not to bug my parents to buy me monthly hahaha) I continue collecting again. The latest bag I purchased is this summer-y bayong bag I got in a random tiangge. I love that it's bayong but made more sosy by wrapping around printed fabric and putting handles, and clasps! It's so huge my camera, and all my stuffs can fit into it! 

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  1. I love it when my things can be fit in just one bag! that one looks so stylish! nice idea of making the classic baring bag into a modern stylish version.. ;)


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