Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bucket Bag and The Winners

Okay so here's another real-time update!!! haha! This was taken hours ago when we went to Trinoma to pick-up some stuffs for my brother. Anyway, the highlight of this post is this sturdy bucket bag. I've been dreaming of getting the perfect bucket bag! As in I've waited for one year before I finally the find one! I saw one in Tickles, but I don't like the color. Then one from The Ramp which has studs, but I think it's too much. Bucket bags are a bit hard to find. I rarely see them so when I happen to see one from ABBY JOCSON, I knew it was for me!!!:) I love bags, I collect them but it must be a local/indie brand. I find local bags more worth it to spend for. 

I came to know about ABBY JOCSON BAGS when I saw her on Shop Talk and her booth last year at ETC Glam Camp. Months passed after that, I met Abby Jocson, the owner, at the recently concluded Solstice bazaar when she approached my booth and bought a cobweb necklace! She's so very down-to-earth. That moment made me curious about her bags, I saw her carrying a cute tote bag so I hurriedly checked on IG,  some of her stuffs and the rest is history.  The price is so affordable and the quality is beyond its price, I swear! For only P1,200 you can get this classic, big, sturdy bucket bag, you can choose other colors like, orange, yellow, teal, and green. :)

I am pretty sure I am gonna abuse this bag hahahaah!!!:)


MOVING ON... the winners of the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON GIVEAWAY are...

winners of 2 tickets each:

Rocel Dana Mae Alulod

Richelle Manuel

Vanessa Rose Palacio

winner of 1 loot bag + 2 tickets:
Kristina Marie Letada

thank you so much girls for joining!!!:) I will be contacting the organizers to put your names on the list and put one more extra ticket under your names for your buddies that day!!!:) 


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