Friday, March 8, 2013

Take A Break

With so much things happening to me lately, I almost forget to enjoy and take a rest. I sleep at 1am wake-up at 7am sit on my craft desk, prepare orders, sit on my office desk, write articles for my day job and so on. The routine makes me feel numb, good thing whenever I ask for God's signs on times I want to just drop-off everything, He always never fail to give me signs on what best to do. And the other day I just read my MESSAGE FROM GOD (an application in facebook) and it says there, to learn to take a break, seize the day and celebrate the little achievements in life. Hence, I just gave myself a break today to do whatever I like, to relax and do nothing related to my work. Good thing it's Saturday tomorrow, and I can go out and enjoy with my family! 

If I would be given a day to do what I like, I'll go out take 10 outfit sets to shoot on 10 different places, eat a lot, and do movie  marathon with my family! I am such a movie freak and I love horror films, action, suspense and a bit of romance, well I would still prefer action! ahahaha! 

dress- thrifted
bohemian crown- Simone's Closet


  1. such a cool background!!! love the dream catchers!!! =)


  2. omg ang ganda ng effects!! balloons and dreamcatchers! i love message from God :)


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