Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Simone's Closet At Solstice Bazaar

Hey everyone! This has been a long-due post but it's never too late to share stories right? :) 
Click read more to see the entire photo diary I made for the 2-day Solstice Bazaar I joined weeks ago! :)

photos taken by hubby and papa

Whenever Simone's Closet participates on any bazaar, my family supports me all the way. They make sure to be there and help me set-up. Carry the baggage,  entertain customers, buy me food, and all that. Dati ako lang ang addict sa bazaars, now, pati sila na rin. haha! 

Moving on, Solstice bazaar is a well-organized bazaar. With all fairness to the organizers, they're very accommodating  and polite unlike some bazaar organizers whom I won't drop name , na di marunong lumugar and does not even know how to apologize and accept their mistakes. The thing about Solstice bazaar is, they picked a roughly new venue that's so hard to locate. Plus foot traffic is super poor. The crowd inside were mostly students and not the buying crowd so I guess this made most of the concessionaires feel bad about not getting enough or should I say the best profits for their 2-day stay in the bazaar. I am just thankful enough that despite the fact that the crowd are mostly students, Simone's Closet made good sales for 2 days. I kept on asking why, but I guess it's not just about luck. I've learned a lot actually and I will be making a separate post about those lessons once I get my thoughts organized. I am pretty sure there are bazaaristas reading my blog so it will be good to share my ideas so you could be guided too. 

For now, enjoy the photos and I will be posting more pictures tonight so stay-tuned at 

Got to go now, I will be going out with my family today, and I have no idea yet where we will be going haha! I am pressured to take a bath, dress-up and get ready in 1 hour haha! 


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