Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Flying Skirt

photos by Mario Javier Jr.

First of all, I am so proud to be blogging a day  afterI wore this outfit haha! Usually I don't blog the next day I wore a certain outfit. I don't know why, but I wanted the shots to sit longer inside my memory card and I just knew when the right time comes to blog about them haha WEIRD!!! okay okay! haha

Moving on with the outfit, I was feeling a bit cold yesterday because of the gloomy weather so I've decided to wear tights and blazer. And since yesterday is the only quality time hubby and I have, I made sure I dress a bit romantic, hence this red dress haha! It's a look I think I will keep on repeating aside from my usual bohemian casual style. I remember how windy it was yesterday and my skirt keep on flipping and flying that I barely even walk! I needed to stand near a pole or a post just to lean backwards and hold my skirt down haha! 

I super enjoyed my date last night with ze hubby, and of course this outfit kept me super confident the whole night. People can't resist staring at me, haha I don't actually know why, maybe because I am wearing black tights and super red dress? Such attention-getting really! haha!:)

dress- coming out soon at Simone's Closet
tights- Landmark
flats- Soule Phenomenon
blazer- hubby's gift

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  1. I love the dress!! But I wanna see how the whole dress looks like hihi


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