Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burgundy Lips

Earlier I went to Marise's school to get her report card, and while I was waiting for the time, I decided to take some photos of my new cheap find! I love lipsticks so much that I even avoid passing by the cosmetics area in the mall for fear of getting all the lippies I might see haha! I was actually eyeing one from MAC but since for me, spending too much for a lipstick is a big deal for me, I tried looking for a cheaper brand with almost the same shade and thank God I found one! yay!

 I love Ever Bilena, they may not be as expensive as MAC or other brands of cosmetics, but hey they got awesome stuffs! And one of which is this BURGUNDY SHINE lipstick that stays long on your lips without the worry of getting your lips chappy. It has a moisturizer lip balm on the center, so when you swipe it on your lips the moisturizer comes out first then the burgundy shade. My lips tend to chap so this is a perfect one for me. Plus, the shade is so appropriate for day activities  when you need to be presentable and fresh-looking. Well, this day just happens to be one of those days haha! I need to be a low-key fashionista mom when I went to Marise's school. I think I am the youngest among the mommies out there and I don't want them to be scared away by my usual bohemian looks haha! Sayang I forgot to take outfit photos, but I am wearing a denim polo, leggings, and flats , ya know the usual mommy outfit haha!

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  1. oh scare them with your bohemian style girl! :) id love to do that ha ha... :) will check out this one.. i'm actually craving for lipsticks if that is even possible.


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