Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Too Lazy To Tweet

taken by me in a self-timer mode

So before I fully talk about the things I'd like to share with you, I'd like to say that YES I AM A LAZY LADY WHEN IT COMES TO TWEETING HAHA! And this shirt was  so perfect for me! I got this from Trinoma Landmark in the men's section while hubby was shopping for his clothes. He told me to get a dress or a skirt, but I find this more attractive! haha! I like men's printed or statement shirts more attractive than the ladies' shirts. I still prefer loose shirts than fitted ones. How about you? 

Next kwento, not only me who bought this shirt, hubby got his also and we wore the shirts earlier today on our 7TH ANNIVERSARY! yay! *insert applause sound*  And since we planned this day ahead of time, I knew I won't be able to bring my DSLR and have an outdoor shoot so  I went on my mini studio instead and do my thang! haha!

Moving on, so what did we do today to celebrate our anniversary? HMMM we've done a lot of things already from the usual, dinner dates to movie dates, to shopping, to food tripping sa kalye, up to ice skating date, even dating at the zoo, or going to the Ocean Park, so instead of doing any of those, we decided to just have a day of road tripping at sumakay sa bus hanggang makarating sa lugar na di namen alam. haha! I wasn't able to snap photos, because it's hard to be vain when you know you are about to get lost haha! Then before this day ends, we went to our dressmaker to gather all the designs we have for Simone's Closet's February release. So happy that we have a lot of cute new pieces coming out! 

Last kwento, I think I missed my mini studio so much that I will be opening it again and use it for catalog shoots! Yay! 

Today is such a very adventurous, tiring, but happy day! :) I'll try to sneak in to hubby's phone and see if we have a photo or two of our adventure today! haha!

PS: I changed to flats after this shoot di ko keribels magcommute ng nakaheels haha lalo na at bus, jeep, tricycle, fx ang mga sasakyan ko haha!

top- Landmark
legging pants- coming soon at Simone's Closet
heels- Forever 21 from Belle Fenix
red blazer- thrifted


  1. Where in Landbank did you bought that shirt? Thanks! Love the whole outfit <3

    1. Oh you mean Landmark? In the men's clothing are inside the SURPLUS shop :)

  2. Super cute niyo. Haha I've always imagined what it would be like if I just rode the next bus to wherever. Tapos anong gagawin ko pag nandun na ako at walang ka-malay malay kung nasaan ako :P Hahaha! Anyway, super love those leggings. I keep seeing bloggers from overseas wearing vertical striped leggings. I think ang scary lang niya for me kasi super conscious ako about my legs :( But it looks fine naman! And an interesting challenge to take on when it comes to dressing up :)

    Sorry, nobelang comment. Hahaha! :) Meet up soon ha!

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

    1. haha yes nako girl, ligaw kung ligaw kame pero happy! what's the use of iphone naman na di ba? we did able to go home because of maps hehe :) yes see you soon megann!:)

  3. Replies
    1. Belle Fenis is my blogger friend who happens to be selling the f21 heels years ago, and got this pair from her!:)


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