Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Craftin'

It's always good to enjoy yourself and clear away your stress, once in a while right? It could be through shopping, eating your favorite food, watching movies, or going to a spa. In my case, crafting accessories just takes all my stress away! 

Earlier, I was able to make one of my accessory sketches come true! I finally made a dreamcatcher from scratch! :) I will be selling this on Simone's Closet's new collection this 2013! So keep posted awkay? :)

Anyway, let me show some photos of my work area...

My crafting station has been sleeping for about 3 weeks already! And it's good to be finally sitting down on my crafting chair again! As you can see, my table's a bit messy! Hahaha! Whenever some ideas pop in my mind, I don't care anymore if my table is neat or not, gawa  lang ng gawa! May twenty pesos pa! haha!

So before I close this post, below are the photos of Simone's Closet's dreamcatcher necklace! 

This one will be available on February in different colors! Hope you like it!


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