Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Back

denim jacket- SIMONE'S CLOSET/ top-DIVI/ bandage skirt- SIMONE'S CLOSET/leopard wedges- SHOE ETIQUETTE 

Did you notice the change on my blog? I love its new look and definitely shows my bohemian side. A big thanks to my loves, Megann for this wonderful change! I really do love it girl! Nice job! :) If you want to have a blog makeover too, you should check Megann's blog and contact her! Swear she's so creative and very kind! :) 

Anyway, I am alone downstairs in my little office. I am a bit tired from cleaning the house the whole day! Gah! Moving on,  I back-read my blog the other day and realized how big the change it has now from how it was 3 years ago when I started. Aesthetically speaking, the layout is far more organized and more me (sad that I don't have screencaps of my past blog layouts ). My outfit shots are now more bigger, clearer, than it were years ago. My outfits back then were pretty much a bit childish haha! I was always dressed in tights, leggings, baby doll dresses, and ballet flats. It was just a year ago that I totally discovered my real style. Looking back to my good old days of blogging, I can say a lot has changed, for the better. :) 

I don't know if you notice too, but back then, there were just a few blogs/bloggers in the blogsphere, that made the whole blogging thing more personal, more real, more about the blogger and not just about because blogging-is-the-in-thing-now-and-a-route-to fame. It's all about the story and not the pictures alone. You get to have blog comments that are a true testament of how that reader really appreciates your post, and not just a blunt generalized comment that sometimes ends with blog giveaway links, fishing for more participants. Blogging back then is really different from now. I have nothing against those changes, it's a part of life you know. :) But somehow it made me miss how simple blogging was back then. :)

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