Monday, November 19, 2012

We Feel Pretty

Hey it's good to be back!!! Gone for 2 days as in literally 48 hours of being offline! Yay to that! It's good to be disconnected once in a while to give time to offline activities  well in my case, bonding with Marise, mall hopping, TV marathon (which I only do once in a week!), crafting, and of course endless photoshoot and bonding with friends.

So yes I just did another shoot for SIMONE'S CLOSET for our last (but definitely not the least collection) for 2012!!! We're doing it outdoors this time! Much challenging but definitely enjoying!

Below are some vanity shots we had yesterday...
Oh well pardon my mascot face!!!haha! :)
We tried the jump shot!!! after several tries, we made it!!! And yes of course with my mascot face again!!!:)

I have tons of things to do and I can barely imagine how to do them all, but I'll rise above all of these!!!haha! And to help me to stay positive, I've been listening to Glee's revival of UNPRETTY a song originally by TLC! I just love the message of the song. Go listen to it! 

Hope you're having a happy Monday as much as I do! :)

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  1. Sooo cute! I really felt pretty during our shoot,ngayun haggardo versoza nanaman.. haha.. :)


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