Monday, November 26, 2012

Tagaytay Trip Part 2

As a continuation to my TAGAYTAY PART 1 post, here's a bunch of photos on our next stop. We were supposed to go down the lake and try the boat ride but the road down there is really suspecting that you hardly can see any people going there. So we just had the view of the lake instead when we reached Taal Vista. 
really breath-taking view. I have fear of heights and I was asking myself "what if I fall down there?" haha yayks!  I know how to swim but who would not panic when you see yourself in the center of a large body of water? right?! haha! 
After enjoying the view and resting a bit, we went on to scout for the best bulaluhan in town for our lunch. Our driver said, bulalo is the favorite lunch staple there as well as the crispy tawilis. So we went down the road and finally found a restaurant to eat on.

We dined at Bulalo Point. A native restaurant with a view of the Taal Lake which is so refreshing to look at while your eating. I was not able to take more photos here, oh well you know pag gutom, kain agad haha! What  I managed to snap were the almost-empty-plates of ours haha! The food there is great plus it's nice that you can eat inside a real bahay kubo (nipa hut) with a matching singing band pa! Perfect na the ambiance plus food.

what we ordered: Bulalo, pork sisig, lapu-lapu, crispy tawilis (by far is my favorite), ampalaya con carne, and  ginataang pakbet. I really enjoyed eating that I felt like I gained 3 pounds already haha! 

After lunch we head-on to a secret place and had some relaxation and some sweet fix. 
to be continued

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