Friday, November 23, 2012

Tagaytay Trip Part 1

So just recently my family and I  went down south to chill in Tagaytay.  We left the houst at 6:30am and arrived there around 8am I think. 
1ST STOP: Palace In The Sky
Former President Marcos' rest house in Tagaytay wherein you could see some old remains of the was once a regal haven. It's just to captivating to see old structures of buildings. It is actually big though kind of frustrating that it could have been maintained well for many tourists to see. 
Inside you can see a lot of souvenir shops. Marise bought a small guitar, mom got purses, dad got some ref magnets, and I was contemplating which hat to get but ended up not buying anything haha! There's a big statue of Jesus too made me think there was a little chapel inside back then. 

2ND STOP : The Swiss Village 
On the way to our next destination, we stumbled upon this Swiss-inspired village with some mini cute Christmas houses. Of course we didn't let the moment pass without having our photos there.

3RD STOP: A local church 
Which I forgot the name hehe. I was not able to take its picture since it's not proper to take pictures inside even outside while the mass is going on. But I like the idea that the local church there is very solemn.

Part 2 up next! :) 

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  1. we want to go to tagaytay but didnt know where to start from planning.. >.< grr its hard to be a commuter.cant waitto go to tagaytay :)


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