Friday, November 23, 2012

Perfect Combination

That's how my denim shorts and my sheer tights look to me. They look so good together (well at least for me haha) that whenever cold season is here, this combination is my forever laid-back look. I can never go wrong with tights and denim shorts pairing. And notice the holes and the scratches on my tights? It's an accident but I find it very amusing! They just made my tights look even more interesting! :) By the way this was my outfit last Sunday when I did a shoot for Simone's Closet. 

TIP: If you find a little hole or scratch on your tights, don't fret! Hey that's a signal that it's time to jazz it up! Slash your tights and put more holes to balance everything! It's nice to have a bit of texture  on your legs once in a while! :)

top- Landmark
denim shorts- Landmark
tights- Landmark
blazer- SM
oxfords- custom made from Pax 


  1. Love your brogues and stockings! :)

  2. i want to try stockings with shorts but i do not have the courage to do so ..<

  3. Very pretty, sis! I love this look!



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