Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair

I am the type of person who believes that a good company of people is not measured by how big or popular the group you belong. I would rather have a few friends or a small group of company than bigger ones, because I am pretty sure that we understand and appreciate each other.

Being part of the 10A Alabama group, made me feel extra important and appreciated. The people there are just warm and friendly that even though we're of different age groups, we still bond like sisters/brothers. 

I am just thankful enough that I belong to a company of warm people that even if we meet seldom- once we see each and other and chat- it always feel like we've met yesterday. That's how enthusiastic and kind the alabamers are :)

So last November 10, I was so lucky to showcase my handmade fabric accessories.

I set this whole up! yay!:)

I was alone selling from morning until 3pm. The crafts fair was a bit laid-back not as aggressive and as crowded as the usual bazaars I join BUT to tell you honestly, the crowd of shoppers are the right market for my products. They appreciate handmade and they definitely look for something different.
At first I was a bit sad that around 3pm I still don't have any sales yet. But I always remind myself that I am here to showcase my works, and even if I make a sale or not, it's worth it. Aside from the profit, it's still the appreciation and the reaction of the shoppers towards my products that matter to me. All along I was thinking that perhaps my necklaces are too overwhelming to wear or too colorful for the shoppers' liking, BUT... to my surprise, around 4pm  onwards, shoppers start to attack my booth! yay!!!

she must be my lucky charm hehehe! :) she visited me around 3:30pm in the afternoon 
my lovely client! she's so pretty with my cobweb necklace. These are just some of the shoppers who bought my cobweb necklaces and braid bracelets. hubby and I were not able to take their photos. Before the fair ends, all my cobweb stocks were gone! Sold-out as in. I am so thankful for the shoppers who like my cobwebs so much! :) You made my sleepless nights super worth it! :)

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without a photo with my alabamer friends...
Roma and Maan sisters behind POPJUNKLOVE I miss you both already! :)
and of course Femi na lagi kong kakwentuhan pag art fair :) See you again on the next! 

At the end of the day, it really proves that WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING OUT OF LOVE IT WOULDN'T BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE TO NOTICE YOUR CRAFT AND APPRECIATE IT. It's still the love and the effort you put into what you're doing that makes your masterpiece loved by many. This is the reason why I do and love handmade stuffs. 

Cheers to all the handmade crafters! Until my next Alabama Fair! :) 

if you want to see more photos check SIMONE'S CLOSET fb page.

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